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No matter what your goals, your fitness level or your experience level, we can help you find the best Kensington gym to make it happen. If you are one of the lucky experienced, knowledgeable, self-motivated and expert fitness level people out there just looking for a place to go to work yourself out, then you my friend are going to find success wherever you go! Congratulations.

Gym in Kensington

Your Kensington Gym solution

If you are like the rest of us and maybe need a little extra help when it comes to motivation, guidance on what exercises are right for you, help working around an injury or a health condition, easy versions of those exercises to get your started or just need someone to keep you accountable and make sure you do it, then we have the solution!

Customised fitness sessions

Our Mobile Personal Trainers bring the gym to your home in Kensington – or anywhere else you might choose, a park, your workplace – whatever you need. Instead of having to figure out what to do in the gym, your Trainer will guide you through every personalised workout. Kensington gyms give you a venue. Mobile Personal Trainers in Kensington give you a customised fitness journey to fit your family, lifestyle and needs. We offer guidance on nutrition, your partner and kids can join in sessions for just extra $10 per person per session. No need to travel anywhere, just open the front door and the gym comes to you.

Gym in Kensington