Why Choose Fitness Enhancement?

There are countless Personal Trainers, Gyms, fitness and weight loss centres and all claim to be the best. We believe we have the results to back up our claims.

Fitness Enhancement Personal Trainers

Q: Why should I choose Fitness Enhancement instead of a Gym?

A: We can give you the best workouts because Personal Training is all about YOU.

Motivation, time efficiency and personal attention. Gyms do not provide this.

Most Gyms will give you a ‘personal’ program that is identical to everyone your age and/or weight. A repetitive, generic program like this is designed for the ‘average’ person and is not ‘personal’ at all. For the results you deserve you need a program designed just for you, not the masses. The exercises you need and enjoy should be combined in an interesting and exciting way so you stay motivated to lose weight and gain fitness.

Even the best Gyms don’t know or understand your personal goals because big Gyms have over 5,000 members. They won’t even remember your name, let alone your goals. You deserve more attention than that!

At Fitness Enhancement, your Personal Training program will be as unique as you are, you will never be just another number. Your program will be 100% designed for you and your unique goals and requirements.

Fitness Enhancement Personal Trainers

Q: Why should I choose Fitness Enhancement instead of a ladies-only centre?

A: 100% private is even better.

Yes, a ladies only centre is a great way to get rid of the stereotypical muscle-heads and those bad pick-up lines many Gyms are renowned for. However, it doesn’t get rid of crowds, waits on equipment, generic workouts, a lack of personal attention or the glamorous stick-figure women that make you feel even worse about your body. At Fitness Enhancement our Personal Training Studios are 100% private, so we solve all of the problems ladies only centres can’t. And of course your session will also be 100% private if one of our Mobile Personal Trainers comes to your home. You can request a male or female Personal Trainer because your comfort is important to us. All you have to focus on is getting real results.

Fitness Enhancement Personal Trainers

Q: Why should choose Fitness Enhancement instead of another Personal Trainer?

A: We are the best.

Fitness Enhancement Personal Training employs, or has franchisees that are the most qualified and dedicated Personal Trainers in Australia. All of our Trainers are fully qualified, insured, experienced, and registered with Fitness Australia to ensure ongoing education and continuous improvement.

Our team of Personal Trainers work together to share their expert knowledge and years of experience, which means we can provide you with the very best workouts and nutritional advice. We are Australia’s third largest Personal Training company and have been in business since 1999 on the Gold Coast and now cover much of Australia.

As you can see from the many pictures and videos on this site, all of our Personal Trainers are ‘real people’ who love practicing what they preach. We believe it’s important to have a Personal Trainer you can relate to and enjoy a chat with. It is so important that you feel comfortable with them.

When it comes to your health and safety, we believe you should deal with the most qualified and experienced Personal Trainers you can find.

Fitness Enhancement Personal Trainers

Q: Why should I choose Fitness Enhancement instead of a weight loss centre?

A: Diet is only half the picture.

To be fit, healthy, toned and lean you need to exercise AND eat a balanced diet. As qualified Personal Trainers, we can give you general nutrition advice, or if you need extra help we have Registered Dietitians to work with you. We will give you a free food and exercise diary on your first session plus we have an online interactive food and exercise diary available.

We will treat you as an individual and help you plan for your unique lifestyle, as well as giving sensible, scientifically backed nutrition advice. You will enjoy eating a wide variety of food, we don’t do fads and you won’t be forced to buy shakes or supplements.

If you’re still not sure we’re the place for you, shop around see for yourself. Make sure you talk to the actual staff you’ll be working with. Chat with the Personal Trainers, not the salesman, because if they really want to help you achieve your goals, they will genuinely want to speak you.