Meet some of our Trainers from around the country

We’re Australia-wide, so we have Trainers of all different personalities and skills around the country, so we’re bound to have one that’s the perfect fit for you. However, all of our Trainers have a few things in common; they are down-to-earth, knowledgeable, and friendly and have passed Fitness Enhancement’s stringent selection process to join and remain a part of our selective team. We’re in over 3000 suburbs around Australia.  Here are a few of our Trainer profiles.

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Trainer Tyler has been in the fitness industry for ten years, specialising in, seniors, disabilities and rehabilitation.

Tyler is one of the members of our Client Care team at our studio and head office on the Gold Coast and a Trainer at our head office on the Gold Coast. He has been in the fitness industry since 2012, specialising in children’s, seniors, rehabilitation and ‘boxercise’ training. He has a background in occupational therapy studies.

Shane, a seasoned PT and our pioneering franchise owner in Adelaide, prides his 2 decades experience in the fitness industry

Shane White is a passionate and professional fitness trainer of all fitness levels and the proud franchise owner of Fitness Enhancement Lightsview in Adelaide, alongside his wife Mandy. With Shane’s over 22 years of experience under his belt, they have profoundly inspired countless lives and continue to make fitness part of Adelaide locals’ lives through personal training.

Trainer Emma has a history of diverse training individuals, non-disabled and people with disabilities alike.

Emma is also one of the members of our Client Care team at our studio and head office on the Gold Coast and a Trainer at our head office on the Gold Coast. Emma is highly experienced in training diverse individuals, non-disabled and people with disabilities. She also has a passion for yoga and group fitness.

Trainer and franchisee Mark has ten years of personal training experience and has been involved in sports and martial arts his entire life.

Mark specialises in kickboxing and strength training, and he has been helping clients achieve their fitness goals for over ten years. Now he owns Fitness Enhancement Fairfield. His knowledge and experience are unmatched, and his clients, both abled and people with disabilities, always walk away feeling motivated and inspired.

Trainer and franchisee Debbie is a client person living the most rewarding career she can imagine.

A wife, a mother, and a fur mum, Debbie rides motorbikes and likes 4x4ing and camping. She enjoys the benefits of strength training and loves giving her clients various exercises. The clients she finds best suited for her are mature-aged professionals looking for accountability to lose weight or keep active and healthy.

Trainer Jared has a passion for exercise, sports, health, and fitness and gets his clients toward their fitness goals.

Jared holds a degree in Exercise Science, which he finished at the University of Calgary in Canada. His love for physical activity came at an early age, spending much of his childhood speed skating. At 17, he began coaching speed skating and soccer. He loves sports and being outdoors.

Trainer and franchisee Dave has 13 solid years of personal training experience and heaps of client success stories to share

Since 2009, Dave has been helping various individuals achieve their fitness goals through different engaging and creative workouts and styles. He believes that everyone is capable of improving their physical health, no matter what their current level of fitness may be. Dave is now a Fitness Enhancement Franchisee in Penrith and continues bringing value to his clients’ lives. He is a full-time dad of 4 lovely girls.

Trainer Matt has a job that ties in very well with his passion for fitness and martial arts.

Matt’s passion for fitness developed early. He then took up martial arts, which he still actively does today. He has been exposed to various people, from teenagers to 80-year-olds, working in commercial gyms, studios, and even a lifestyle village. Matt is also one of the members of our Client Care team at our studio and head office on the Gold Coast.

Trainer and franchisee Danielle is a Personal Trainer and franchise owner with 12 trainers under her.

Danielle is passionate about helping people achieve their health and fitness goals through her Fitness Enhancement franchise in Springwood. Having always been into sports, Danielle pursued her passion for fitness and started helping people struggling to squeeze exercise into their daily routines. Years later, she took it up a level and started her own business. Today, she’s not only helping clients but also helping her trainers grow in their career journey.