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Everything Weight Loss podcast interview with Scott

Our CEO Scott Hunt was interviewed by Shari Ware from the Everything Weight Loss podcast on how we’ve helped clients overcome weight and health obstacles over the last 20 years and how Scott overcame his own obstacle. Shari is one of Fitness Enhancement’s most successful clients and has lost a total of 100kg with us!!... Read more »
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How to get more mobile Personal Training clients

Are you a Mobile Personal Trainer who wants more clients? Then take a listen to Jono Petrohilos from Fitness Education Online interviewing Scott Hunt from Fitness Enhancement Personal Training. Over two decades Scott has built his business into Australia’s largest Mobile and in-home PT business covering over 2,000 suburbs across 6 cities. So if anyone... Read more »
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Mobile Personal Training vs Online Training

How many Facebook ads have you seen where a Trainer rolls up in his $100,000 shiny car and tells you how you can get the secrets to becoming a millionaire by online Personal Training? The fact of the matter is that despite all the stars aligning to make online Personal Training one of the best... Read more »
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