See some of our clients’ success stories

We’ve had hundreds of success stories over the years. Here are some of our clients telling their stories. No matter your age or injuries, our Trainers cater to all fitness levels and abilities!

Stay fit for life

Stay fit for life, it’s not too late to make a start with your fitness. Enjoy your retirement more with better health and fitness. Our Personal Trainers are experienced in training older adults with limitations!

Bruce and Sally wanted to stay fit in their senior years. They didn’t like the idea of going to a regular gym. Our 100% private Personal Training sessions give them everything they need to stay fit and healthy for their age. Find out their story here!

Don't let your busy life get in the way of getting fit

Our Trainers help you fit exercise into your busy life without a hassle! We always work around your schedule to make sure working out is easy and convenient.

Belinda has struggled with her weight all her life. With the help of her Personal Trainers she has managed to achieve the weight loss she’s always wanted. See her success story here and get inspired!

Enjoy life at any age

No matter what your injuries are or what your fitness level is, we can work around your limitations! You’re never too unfit or too overweight to start.

Carolyn wanted to start exercising to stay fit after turning 60 but she didn’t feel comfortable in an overcrowded Gym. Mobile Personal Training was the perfect solution for her, see what she has to say about her training sessions.

We work around your injuries and limitations

Feel better and fitter in your daily life. Get the benefits of regular exercise without going to a gym. Many people out there feel very uncomfortable in a gym environment. Our NDIS registered Personal Trainers come to you and make working out safe and effective for everyone.

Kimberlee didn’t want her disability to stop her from getting fit. She struggled to find a gym that was supportive of her goals. See her success story here!

Training sessions that are customised for you

Every training session is tailored to suit your goals and needs. Our Personal Training is exactly that, “personal”. We make sure you actually enjoy your workouts and never treat you like just another number!

Bob wanted to keep his active lifestyle after turning 50. Personal Training sessions at our 100% private Studio were a perfect fit for his busy schedule. Find out what Bob has to say here.

We help you reach your goals

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build up your fitness or just improve the quality of your life, we can help you get there! Our Trainers are experienced with clients of all ages, abilities, and injuries.

Shari came to Fitness Enhancement at over 170kg. She is now over 100kg lighter. See her amazing story here and get inspired!