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Free call Fitness Enhancement on 1800 PT for U (783 678) to ask questions, chat with one of our Personal Trainers or book a session.

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Gold Coast: (07) 5596 6617

Sunshine Coast:  (07) 5596 6617

Brisbane: (07) 3123 4244

Melbourne: (03) 9020 7271

Sydney: (02) 8880 9354

Franchise enquiries: Call our Gold Coast office on (07) 5596 6617 or visit our franchise page


Where are we?

Gold Coast: We have Trainers in every suburb.

Sunshine Coast: We have Trainers in every suburb.

Brisbane: We have Trainers in every suburb.

Melbourne: We have Trainers across most of Melbourne.

Sydney: We have Trainers across about half of Sydney.

The rest of Australia: Coming soon! Enquire now!

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We are open from 5am until 9pm for Personal Training sessions and new enquiries by phone
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