Personal Training Frequently Asked Questions

  • What qualifications and experience do you have?

    Fitness Enhancement Personal Training only works with the most qualified and dedicated Personal Trainers. Although a Certificate IV in Fitness is the highest level in Australia, most Personal Trainers have obtained this from a seven-week course (longer if it’s done part-time) and have under one year of professional experience. On average, a Fitness Enhancement Personal Trainer has three years of TAFE or University qualifications, many years of professional experience, and a lifetime of practising what they preach. Our Personal Trainers continually update their knowledge, attend monthly staff meetings and get tested with ‘mystery shoppers’ and surveys to their clients to guarantee you always get the best! Our average survey response across hundreds of clients each answering twenty plus questions is consistently over 9 out of 10 with most Trainers frequently scoring a perfect 10 out of 10.

    Qualified and experienced Fitness Enhancement StaffOur high standards mean you will get the best results every time and your safety will never be jeopardized. Fitness Enhancement Personal Training was established in 1999 by its current owner Scott Hunt. Since it’s beginning Fitness Enhancement Personal Training has grown from strength to strength with many of it’s founding clients still with us today, a testament to the long term results clients receive. We are the third biggest Personal Training company in Australia, but still at a size where we remember everybody’s name.

    We’re always growing and improving all facets of our Studio and mobile Personal Training to be the best we can be, to ensure our clients can become the best they can be. If you believe you’re one of the best Personal Trainers in Australia and would like to become a part of our growing team, please visit our Personal Training careers page and Franchise page.

  • What happens in a free consultation?

    Free fitness training consultationsWe find out about your goals and your lifestyle and advise you on the best program for you. Your Personal Trainer will happily answer any questions for free, including health and fitness questions that don’t relate to training with us. It’s also our chance to show you how we can help you enjoy achieving your goals at Fitness Enhancement. It’s 100% private and non invasive (we don’t do any of the embarrassing ‘fat’ tests or similar that you can see at other gyms). The consultation is around 30 minutes, you can come into one of our studios for a completely free consult and we will give you some great advice on whether you commence Personal Training with us or not. Or you can also book a mobile consult that is followed by a session. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Get in touch with our team now.

  • What are the hidden fees and contracts?

    We have no hidden fees or catches, upfront fees, no joining fees and no added Gym membership fees. Most people commit to doing 10, 30 or 50 sessions to get our bulk buy discounted rates, the best value Personal Training in Australia!

    You will only ever pay for what you plan to use. You don’t have to pay a cent upfront. We simply bill you for the number of Personal Training sessions you’re planning on doing in a fortnight. If you’re away or sick you won’t lose a cent, just tell your Personal Trainer (with over 12 hours notice) and you can make up for your weekly session whenever and however you like, there are no expiry dates on your Personal Training sessions. It’s a much more fair alternative than losing your money at the Gym whenever you miss a week or two!

    No hidden fitness training fees and contracts?

    Aside from a small direct debit charge, we have no joining fees, added expenses, charges or administration fees for any changes you make. We’ll even give you a free food and exercise diary and free pair of Boxing gloves on your first session. You can of course pay for your Personal Training package upfront if you do not want to pay in direct debit instalments.

    So if you have ever bought a one-year Gym membership and only used two months, our ‘only pay for what you plan to use’ system is much better value.

  • How much does Personal Training cost?

    In our Studios we have both half hour and one hour sessions, the prices start from $45 for half hour session and one hour sessions start from $75 a session. All prices and availabilities depend on your location and city you’re in. You can also come in 15 minutes prior to your session, so a half-hour means you get 45 minutes in total. By doing your own warm-up in our cardio room, you’ll make sure you’re ready to go when it’s time for your session! You only need half an hour to work out when you train one-on-one at our Studio (yes we can wear out even the fittest person in 30 minutes!) and typically an hour for small groups. For mobile Personal Training, our prices depend on your location. We have no added travel surcharges to any of the suburbs we are based out of, and you can find us in Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Enter your postcode in the top right to see if we have Trainers based out of your suburb. If we’re not in your suburb but are in a neighbouring suburb we can come to you for an additional fee.

    Mobile Personal TrainersSmall Group Personal Training sessions start from $40 per week and availability depends on your location. Your group will have a handful of like-minded people training with you and we keep all our groups small so there will be plenty of personal attention.

    Yes, there are plenty of part time Personal Trainers working out of parks or their garage that train clients as their “hobby” job and charge “less for cash”. However, most of these Trainers are unqualified and uninsured, or will have void insurance from doing cash in hand in an illegal location should you have an accident. If you wouldn’t take your car to a backyard cash in hand mechanic, don’t take your body to a backyard cash in hand Personal Trainer!

  • Where do your mobile Personal Trainers train people?

    Our mobile personal trainers come to youWe service over 2000 suburbs Australia-wide, so chances are we have a Trainer in your area! Contact us to find out about an exact location.

    Our Mobile Personal Trainers can train you at your home, in a park, workplace or any other location that fits in with you and your lifestyle.

    Your Personal Trainer will bring all the equipment you need to get a great session, all you need is a bit of space in the lounge room or a small backyard. Aside from remote areas, we don’t charge any extra for mobile Personal Training. If you want to train at home for privacy, remember our Studios are 100% private so it’s still very private if you come to us.

  • What do I need to bring?

    Mobile personal training - just bring yourselfJust yourself and a towel, we have cold water at the Studio, but not at our mobile locations. Your Personal Trainer will bring the motivation, and everything else you might need! You can wear whatever you’re comfortable in because we only have ‘real people’ coming to our sessions in our Studios and our mobile locations so you will fit in. Remember if you come to our Studio it is 100% private so there’s no one else there to see your fashion statements anyway!

  • How many other people will be in the room during my session?

    private personal training studiosZero. In the studio we have three separate private Personal Training rooms so other clients and Personal Trainers will be in different rooms to you. There will be literally no one but yourself and your Personal Trainer in your training room during your session. Even ladies only centres aren’t as private and personal as our Studios. As with a one-on-one meeting in any other profession, we believe your privacy is important. Unlike a Gym, you will not have strangers within earshot or facing you on another machine, and you certainly won’t have to wait for equipment. So if you’re uncomfortable about exercising in front of people there is nothing to worry about because your Personal Trainer is a professional who has trained all shapes, sizes and ages of people before.

    With our mobile Personal Training sessions, you can choose to train as privately as you would like, either inside your own home, in your garden or in a park.

  • What exercise will you tell me to do on my own?

    Personal Training ExercisesOnce again this depends on the individual. For some clients, nothing, many can achieve their goals from one or two Personal Training sessions a week. For others it’s often a few 30 minute walks a week, however it could be swimming, bike riding, our walking, Boxing circuitBoot Camps or your favourite sport. You’ll be able to keep track of it in your free online food and exercise diary and your Personal Trainer will check on your progress every Personal Training session and adapt your program when necessary.

  • What diets do you give?

    Personal training diet adviceUpon joining we’ll give you a free membership book, a free food and exercise diary, and heaps of other helpful hints and tips. If you’re after weight loss we’ll ask you to fill out your Personal Training Nutrition Profile and a food diary for at least a week. Your Personal Trainer will look at what, when and why you eat certain foods and give you easy to implement strategies to drop the weight. Each session your Personal Trainer will continue to advise you and motivate you to ensure you feel supported all week.

    You won’t get a set structured diet. You are an individual, so a set diet from the latest book or celebrity who lost 20 kg will never work – it should be 100% designed for you and continually be improved as you and your lifestyle change. The flexibility of our program also means you can mix and match and enjoy your food and never feel deprived. There’s no bland shakes to drink or expensive supplements to buy and you won’t get in “trouble” for eating one piece of chocolate! Just knowing that you will see a knowledgeable person that cares every session is also a big help in ensuring your long-term enjoyment and success.

  • I don't have time!

    There is always time for personal trainingOne Personal Training session isn’t even 1% of your week, so you can find time! The key to success for many busy people is to treat your Personal Training session as a set appointment, just like work. You wouldn’t skip a day at work because you ‘just didn’t feel like it’ would you? Get yourself into a set routine (your Personal Trainer will help you with it) and once it becomes a habit it will become a lot easier to find the time and keep it up. When it comes to your health, you can’t afford to not find time.

  • Will I be sore?

    Fitness Enhancement help you enjoy your personal trainingOnly if you want to be! Your Personal Trainer will train you to the perfect intensity every time so this is different for everyone. Most people like to feel a little tight the next day when they walk up stairs, but it’s entirely up to you. Your Personal Trainer is there to make you feel fit and energetic, not tired and sore all week long! And no, there’s nothing to be scared of, as you can see from our pictures on this site, we are not the stereotypical Gym junkies who want to torture you! We are professionals who have a passion for helping you enjoy getting in shape.

  • I have injuries, can I still train?

    Avoiding personal training injuriesYes, however you may need to consult your Doctor or Physiotherapist first. Your Personal Trainer is more than happy to work with other professionals when necessary. Where applicable you may also be eligible for Workcover and private health insurance rebates. As your session is one-on-one, your Personal Trainer will develop your program around your injuries or any other limitations you may have. In many cases such as bad backs, and knee and shoulder injuries, your Personal Trainer will give you rehabilitation exercises to strengthen and improve injuries you have. Most clients see dramatic improvements. If it’s something minor like many of our new clients, such as a stiff back at the end of a long days work, chances are it’ll feel better than it has for years after just a few weeks of Personal Training.

  • Why should I go to you instead of a Gym or another Personal trainer?

    Choose Fitness Enhancement personal trainersThere’s lots of reasons, check out our Why choose us? page.

  • What goals do you train people for?

    While our specialty is time efficient fitness, weight loss and toning for busy people we do train people for all goals and problems. Some of the most common, depending on your Personal Trainers specialty are:

    • Medical issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes arthritis and osteoporosisAchieve your personal training goals
    • Morbid obesity and the medical issues it incurs
    • Nutritional advice
    • Quitting smoking
    • Injury rehabilitation
    • Special events such as Weddings
    • Army, Ambulance, Navy, Air Force and Fire Brigade fitness tests
    • Fitness for people with physical or intellectual disabilities
    • Increases in muscle size
    • Sport cross training – Amateur and professional athletes and teams
    • Elderly – one on one and classes
    • Children – one on one and classes
    • Martial Arts – one on one and classes
    • Self Defense – one on one and classes

    Many of our clients train for a little bit of everything, for instance, their Doctor has told them to lower their blood pressure and their personal goal is to lose weight to have the energy to play with their kids after a hard day at work. It’s your Personal Training session, you choose!

  • Exactly what do you do in each Personal Training session?

    Providing variety in your personal trainingThat depends on you and your goals. Personal Training is different for everyone. Nobody will have the exact same session as you because every client is an individual with individual needs.

    Watch some of our videos on this site and you’ll get a better idea. Most clients do a combination of strength training, abdominal work, cardio and stretching. Some clients do nothing but weights, others do nothing but cardio on the Kickboxing pads – it’s all about you so your Personal Trainer will develop the perfect session just for you!

    If you’re out of shape you’ll get the exercises you’ll find easiest and your Personal Trainer will be there to help you, encourage you and keep you safe. If you’re fit and love a challenge we’ll spot you heavily and give you the hardest session of your life! Once again, it all depends on you and your goals. Your Personal Trainer can give you a better idea in your free consultation. You’ll NEVER have to do the exercises you hate, find really difficult or uncomfortable, because we’ll find the perfect program for you. Our Personal Trainers know thousands of exercises so there’s always one you can do instead of a dreaded machine a Gym may have said you have to do.

    All you have to worry about is doing your best, your Personal Trainer will load the weights, set the equipment up for you and bring you a glass of cold water when you need it.

    The one thing all sessions have in common is a Personal Trainer dedicated to giving you the best session, the best exercises and the best results.

  • What results can I expect from Personal Training?

    The sky is the limit! Check out our testimonials for an idea of what’s possible from only one or two Personal Training sessions a week plus a little common sense in regards to food. Everyone improves their waistline, health, fitness, energy levels and gets more results from less time than anywhere else. However, we believe it’s all the little things on top of achieving these goals that make the difference. Here’s a few statements some of our Personal Training clients have made over the years:

    • ‘At 45, I’m the fittest I’ve ever been in my life’Fitness Enhancement has many personal training success stories behind us
    • ‘I haven’t been this size since I got married 20 years ago’
    • ‘I don’t feel like I’m going to die from putting the bins out’
    • ‘My son (3 year old) is getting heavier, but he feels half the weight to me’
    • ‘I can walk up the stairs without needing the hand rail’
    • ‘My husband couldn’t get the lid off a tight jar, but I could’
    • ‘I jump out of bed every morning, I used to take 20 minutes to get up’
    • ‘My family was shocked when they saw me’ (for the first time in six months)
    • ‘I’ve quit smoking a pack a day after 20 years’
    • ‘I completed the 21km Gold Coast Half Marathon’
    • ‘My wife loves that I have my muscles back’
    • ‘I still have energy after a long day at work’
    • ‘I can keep up with the kids’
    • ‘I used to be the fat one in my group of friends, now I’m the fit one’

    These people all started out just like you, so if you can make one or two sessions a week just like them, there’s no reason you won’t be making similar statements in a few months time is there?

  • How often should I exercise?

    Personal training tailored to your lifestyle and needsThat depends on you, your goals and your lifestyle. Your Personal Trainer will assess this in your free consultation and develop the perfect program for you. The key is getting the right balance. We want you to begin a Personal Training program that becomes routine, something that is manageable and that works with your lifestyle. That way, we know you will be able to stick at it and get the results you deserve. There’s no point training six days a week only to burn out a couple off months later and put the weight back on. One or two Personal Training sessions a week, a couple of walks a week on your own, and some common sense when it comes to food (we’ll give you a free food and exercise diary to help) is often the best balance. You’ll get amazing results in a very short time yet you’ll still have the time to enjoy your life!

  • Can I really get fit, lose weight and tone up from just one Personal Training session a week?

    Personal training results from just one session a weekYes, you can! Of course, the more you do the better the results, but one Personal Training session each and every week will still give you amazing results. Around half our clients do two or three sessions a week and get unbelievable results! The other half only train once a week and the majority tell us that they look and feel better than they have for years after only a couple of months!

    Working out once a week with a Fitness Enhancement Personal Trainer will give you better results than going to a typical Gym using their generic program or repetitive circuit three times a week. This is great news if you simply do not have the time to exercise more than once a week. The best thing to do is give one of our Personal Trainers a go and see the difference for yourself – the only thing you’ve got to lose is that extra weight!

  • Can I bring my kids?

    Fitness Enhancement - Child-friendly personal trainersYes! If you are training in one of our Studios you will be in your own 100% private Training room you’re more than welcome to bring your kids to sit and watch or play with toys you bring. If one of our mobile Personal Trainers is coming to you it is also of course fine to have your kids there! And no we don’t mind if you have to take a break to look after the kids. We realize it’s the only way that some parents can fit a Personal Training session in, even with a slightly interrupted session it’s a better alternative than no exercise at all!

  • Is it cheaper to share the costs with a friend?

    personal training with friendsYes! We only charge an extra $10 per person per session for your friends to join in. It’s a great way to bring the cost of your sessions down and to spend some quality time together!

    It’s just up to your group to decide whose name the sessions will be in as we class small groups as one client. These savings can mean a one hour session with two people in it can be as little as just over $40 each, or as little as just over $25 each with four people in it!

    If you have different goals and fitness levels you can still train together. Your Personal Trainer knows thousands of exercises to ensure each person in the group still gets a personal routine regardless of how different their abilities and goals are. It’s not as personal as one on one of course, but for a quarter of the price for a comparable workout it’s the best value way to train.

    Plus it’s a whole lot more fun training with friends, family or work mates!

  • Do I have enough equipment or space at home for more Personal Training?

    mobile personal trainersYes! We have some clients who train in the lounge room of a small unit and simply move the coffee table out of the way. Because our Mobile Personal Trainers know thousands of exercises that need nothing more than a set of boxing pads and your own body weight, a small space or lack of equipment aren’t issues. Depending on your goals and if you are training in your home or outdoors, your Personal Trainer will also bring medicine balls, fit balls, dumbbells, kettle bells, kickshields, thero bands, ladders, bosu boards, skipping ropes, steps, suspension trainers and a whole lot of other goodies.

  • Where are your Studios located?

    Our Gold Coast Studiopersonal training private studios is centrally located at the back right of Jupiter Plaza, 20 Lawrence Drive Nerang, on the eastern/beach side of the freeway. See our contact us page for more details. Our Mobile Personal Trainers are in every suburb Gold Coast and Brisbane wide and in most areas of Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle and the Sunshine Coast. We also have our Brisbane Studio conveniently located in Woolloongabba at 35 Balaclava Street.

    Contact us through the form below to see if we’re near you.

  • Where do your mobile Personal Trainers train people?

    mobile personal trainers make your life easierOur trainers train people both in homes and outdoors anywhere and everywhere Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane wide and select areas of Melbourne, Newcastle and Sydney. We have select parks we are in every day and also train clients in backyards, lounge rooms, boardrooms, car parks or anywhere else that suits you. View our Mobile Personal Trainers page for more details.

  • What is Group Personal Training?

    small group personal training sessionsOur Group Personal Training sessions are small groups of maximum 8 people where you train together but you still get individual attention and coaching from your trainer for a cheaper price. We mix weights, cardio and boxing in our Group Personal Training sessions, and cater to all different fitness levels and injuries.

  • What is the difference between Group Personal Training and Bootcamp?

    Boxing and kickboxing trainingThere’s no difference. We’re all about personal attention and variety in sessions, and the smaller the group the more personal attention we can give you and the better the results you can get. All our group training sessions have a variety of elements from boxing cross-training, pilates, cardio and strength training. All sessions are in one of our 100% private air-conditioned Personal Training rooms with Boxing bags and pads, cross-training equipment, free and machine weights, kettlebells, spin bike, fit balls, suspension trainers, BOSU boards, medicine balls, ViPR’s and a whole lot more to give you more variety than anyone else!

  • Got Another Personal Training Question?

    Do you have another personal training question?Please contact us or fill out the form below to book a free consultation, we’d love to meet you in person and answer all of your questions.