Client Lisa Coates is the fittest she’s ever been at 30

Lisa Coates Client of the monthAfter doing mobile Personal Training for 9 months, Lisa is at the fittest she has ever been. Read more about her goals and why she cannot stop doing Personal Training.

Getting in shape for her 30th birthday

Lisa Coates first started doing mobile Personal Training in June 2014. Her goal was to drop a few kilos and tone up before her 30th birthday in August. Before starting training with Fitness Enhancement, Lisa was doing bootcamp a few times per week, but to reach her goals she wanted to add Personal Training twice per week. Lisa specifically wanted to lose 5kg and she smashed that goal by her 30th birthday. By the end of 2014 Lisa said she has never been as fit both cardio and strength wise, she is very happy with the shape her body is in and the compliments she has been given by people around her; it is an acknowledgement of the effort that she has put in to her training.

Enjoying the training

Lisa really enjoys the training and feels depressed if she doesn’t exercise, she loves doing weights and the TRX. If she had to say something she doesn’t enjoy as much it would be skipping and plyo lunges, but she does them anyway. Lisa’s dog Snoop likes to join in on the sessions as well.  Lisa appreciates that her trainer Tanja always listens to her needs and wants, and continuously challenges her with new exercises and workouts. In the future Lisa definitely wants to continue with her training, she was only meant to do Personal Training up until her birthday in August 2014, but now she cannot stop! Her next goal is to lose another 5-10 kg and get back in to shape after a few weeks holiday in America.

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