Client Jason Wall got in shape for his wedding

jason wall 1 cropped 301x545 jason wall 1 221x640Getting in shape for the wedding

Jason and Carla started Personal Training in January 2013 and were motivated to trim down for their upcoming wedding in June. They had been living in Melbourne and their lives were pretty full- they were both working/living away from home (Jason in Adelaide and Carla interstate) and living in hotels/apartments, so ended up eating out lots and away from home. Carla suggested that they start some Personal Training sessions as she had seen a Personal Trainer before in the United Kingdom and found they really helped with her motivation to get to the gym and work on achieving her goals.

When Jason gave up soccer at 30 he found the kilos just piled on. When he was looking through some old pictures and found one that really didn’t sit too well with him it became his motivation to lose weight before the wedding.

One year later

A year into the journey and many training sessions later, the results are amazing! Jason feels fitter and stronger than he ever did playing soccer in his 20’s and feels so much better with himself. Carla had a bad prolapsed disc two years ago and found that the core strength she has gained from her Personal Training sessions has vastly improved the injury, she has increased her energy levels, has greater fitness and much more tone in her body! When Jason and Carla train, they push each other to the limits and always give 110%. They work hard during their sessions and are dedicated to achieving their goals outside of training too. Their diet and lifestyles have changed for the better and they wouldn’t go back to how they used to be.

Huge strength gains

Their trainer Taylor at our Gold Coast Studio will tell you Jason is the first to whinge about training, but by the end of the session he has realised the challenges are not always as bad as they sound and he finds himself really enjoying the session. The sessions are always tailored to their goals even though Carla wants to work more on her legs and Jason his upper body strength, and the results are obvious. When Taylor took over as their trainer, Jason was struggling to do 10 push ups, was only chest pressing 10kg for two sets of 10, pressing 150kg on the leg press and couldn’t comprehend how to do a chin up. Six months on, Jason is capable of 50 plus single leg push ups, is pressing 15kg each arm for up to five sets of 10, leg pressing well over the 250kg mark and is completing 15-20 chin ups on a regular basis. His next challenges (set himself) are to complete 10 wide pull ups and 10 hanging tricep dips which are not easy, and he is already well on his way to achieving these goals!


For Jason and Carla it has been a great experience and it has only taken a bit of discipline and commitment to see results. They find having the regular sessions in place and a great trainer delivering a different session each time inspiring and keeps them coming back for more. They are loving the sessions and loving how they feel!

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