Shari lost 100kg with us!


Watch the video to be inspired by Shari’s amazing 100kg weight loss!

Shari’s starting weight was 170 kg, she says she thinks she probably was even more than that at one stage but that she was too scared to step on the scale. She started training with Fitness Enhancement to lose weight, the one on one sessions were exactly what she was after with the 100% privacy and low key studio that was not full of mirrors and no other people being able to watch her as she was training.

Why personal training worked for Shari

The one-on-one Personal Training was an excellent way to start and Shari started to lose a lot of weight, her Trainers were Natalie Gumz, Ryan Engwerda and Damian Wallis but she has enjoyed the variety of many of our Trainers. After a while Shari was feeling more comfortable in herself and decided to try out Small Group Personal Training. The group environment then continued to help in her amazing weight loss success story. Shari has lost over 100 kg and has become a whole new person. She says that the difference in her now after losing all that weight is massive, her whole life has changed. She goes out and does things without worrying about what people think, she is comfortable in her own skin, and enjoys hearing her daughter brag about her mum being fitter than her. She is healthier, stronger and fitter than she has ever been in her whole life.

Shari’s advice for getting started

Shari says ‘With a trainer you can push yourself harder and get better results than if you were doing it on your own, there might be cheaper gyms but they do not push you the way the Fitness Enhancement trainers do’. Shari’s advice if you have failed at weight loss before is to try something new, Personal Trainers can help push you, motivate you, encourage you, and they give you a program that is actually personalised for you. If you struggle with getting started, you have to remember that you want to live, and therefore you have to get up and do something. If you have a weight problem you have to change something because what you are doing is not working, you need to change what you are eating and you need to start exercising. She acknowledges that it is hard, really hard, to start exercising if you are bigger and struggle with a weight problem, but the benefits are worth it all, you get stronger, healthier and you live longer – starting to exercise is one of the best things Shari has ever made herself do.*

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*Individual results may vary