Richard Scherlowski making positive life changes

Personal TrainingNew Year’s Resolution

Richard was working a sedentary job, sitting at a desk in an office 8-9 hours a day, 5 days a week, with limited time spent on exercise and a poor diet, his body was not working at optimum levels. He was given advice by his doctors to exercise more, eat better and reduce his BMI, but simply didn’t have the time or motivation to make it a priority. Richard says that if something hadn’t changed, he was on a pathway to health problems.

He knew that the longer he waited the harder it would be to turn it around, so Richard decided 2018 would be his year to finally get fit and focus on his health – he set himself a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and increase his lean muscle.

Professional help

Richard, like many Gold Coasters, lives in an apartment building with a gym for the tenants to use; he struggled with motivation and also found he didn’t have the knowledge and skills to effectively train to get the results he wanted. He decided to enlist the help of our Mobile Personal Trainers who could come out and take him through Training sessions in his own gym. One of the added bonuses of the Fitness Enhancement PT sessions is you can have family and friends join in any time for no extra charge! Richard really enjoyed Training with the company and competition of his younger sister Kodie, they pushed and motivated each other which made the sessions really fun and enjoyable. Kodie has had to take a break due to some health issues, but Richard is hoping she can come back and join him again soon, in the meantime his Trainers are keeping things fun and motivating.

Positive changes

So far Richard has stuck with his resolution and is halfway through the year. He has lost 8kg and doubled the number of squats and push-ups he can do as well as doubling his time holding the plank. Richard likes to train in the morning because he loves the natural high he gets from his Training sessions, those endorphins keep him feeling amazing for the whole day. He has made some great lifestyle changes, one of the biggest assets has been meal prep on the weekends, he now includes lots more fruits and vegetables, manages his portion sizes, and can easily avoid take-away now that his meals are pre-prepared, sitting in the fridge/freezer ready to go.

Moving forward

Richard thinks about his progress in two phases, Phase 1 – weight loss, Phase 2 – build muscle. Now that he is well on track with his weight loss, as he moves forward he is aiming to continue to tone his muscles and develop a more muscular body, while continuing to improve his strength and skills.

Favourite Exercise:

Boxing and weights.

Least Favourite exercise:

Push ups and lunges.