Personal Trainer of the Year Awards – Natalie Gumz

Congratulations to our Trainer of the year Natalie Gumz! A company is only as good as its staff and with all our amazing Fitness Enhancement Trainers across the country, it’s hard to give this award to just one person. However, Natalie’s dedication to each and every client for years and years makes her a clear champion! She has been working for Fitness Enhancement for nearly a decade and is clearly one of our best, but there are plenty more excellent Trainers within our company. Check out our other amazing Personal Trainers to see for yourself!

Take a listen to our interview with Natalie and hear her words of advice as to what it takes to achieve long-term success in your health and fitness goals or as a Personal Trainer in the fitness industry. To sum it up in a few words from Natalie; “be selfless and give 100% to your client”!