How can you achieve your goal when your fitness event has been cancelled?

Everyone knows how important it is to set yourself a goal to help keep you motivated and on track. For a lot of people that goal comes in the form of competing in an event, anything from a 5k, to a tough mudder, to a triathlon, to a full marathon. But what happens to that goal you’re working towards when almost everything is cancelled due to COVID-19?

For many people the goal gets put on the back burner, and along with it, their motivation to stay on track with their fitness routine gets put on the back burner. Before you know it you’ve fallen totally off the wagon, binge-watching Netflix and eating home-baked cookies for 3 months.

Don’t let this be you!

Here’s our top tips on how you can still set yourself a motivating goal and stay on track with your fitness regardless of events being cancelled or being stuck inside.

  • Compete in a Virtual eventVirtual run - Gold Coast Marathon

With one of the most popular running events in QLD – the Gold Coast Marathon – cancelled this year, the organisers offered a huge variety of virtual events for people to complete during the month of July. You may have already missed the GC marathon, but MANY other organised events have been cancelled around Australia and the world, and organisers have developed virtual events. Go online and search for the options that you’re interested in, choose your own event to suit your ability and your area.

  • Track your distance with Run Keeper

Even if you’re not competing in an event, set yourself daily or weekly goals for distance covered. This is easier than ever with apps like Run Keeper you can download onto your phone and track your kms each walk or run.

  • Train or compete with friends

If you’re allowed to gather in small groups outside (with proper social distancing of course), setting up some friendly competition with friends and family can be a great “event” – whether it’s a walk, a run, a swim, or just who can do the most push ups. The motivation and accountability of training with friends is a huge predictor of success. If you are currently in lockdown – have a virtual event with your friends online. You might have a team workout, or a distance challenge where you compare results.

How to Achieve Your New Year's Fitness Goals: HIIT to Get Fit With ...Change your goal, don’t quit your goal

If you simply can’t make your previous goal work with the new restrictions, your life and schedule, think about changing your goal. Did you know there are different TYPES of goals you can set?

  • OUTCOME GOAL – This is what you are hoping will be the ultimate outcome, but there are factors outside your control. An example of an outcome goal is to win the 5k race. You can aim for it, but there are no guarantees you will achieve it. It can be a bit de-motivating because no matter how well you perform you may not get the outcome you want.
  • PERFORMANCE GOAL – This is goal that is based more on how you perform, and is more within your control, as compared to an outcome goal that is focused on the result. Instead of WINNING the race, you might set the performance goal of completing a 5km run in 30 minutes. You don’t need to worry about anyone else that is outside your control, this is all based on YOUR own performance. These goals tend to be more motivating and rewarding as they are within your control.
  • PROCESS GOAL – This is breaking the performance goal down into an even more manageable goal that you have the most control over. This might be something like maintain good gait and breathing throughout the race. This is something that if totally under your control and you can feel a sense of accomplishment for achieving this.


Kimberlee’s half marathon success story

kimberlees marathon time

One of our amazing clients here on the Gold Coast is Kimberlee, who has been training with our Trainer Damian for several years now, has been using the Gold Coast marathon as her goal every year for the last few years, she started with the 5km, last year she completed the 10km and her aim this year was the half-marathon.

When the marathon was cancelled Kimberlee didn’t cancel her goals, she signed up for the virtual race, and put in an amazing effort to complete the run all on her own (with some drive-by support from her Trainers).

If you’re not impressed yet, then keep in mind that Kimberlee is also Training with a disability, and even her cerebral palsy did not stop her from achieving this goal.

We hope this will help you find some inspiration to step up and make some changes to your goals so you can get back on track no matter what your current situation.