Our new Brisbane Franchisee Eli King

Eli King Brisbane Franchisee newsletterMeet our new Brisbane Franchisee Eli King. Eli had been a Trainer with Fitness Enhancement for a year when she decided to take the step and become a Fitness Enhancement Franchisee. With a wide experience in dancing, Pilates and running, Eli’s focus is on creating fun sessions with heaps of variation.

Growing up in England and finding a passion for fitness

Eli grew up in a little village called Fleet in Hampshire, just south of London, England. She wasn’t very sporty growing up, she always enjoyed dancing but she wasn’t interested in any other kind of sport until she was about 18 and decided she wanted to get fit and lose some weight. She joined a hockey team thinking it would be a bit of fun, and she ended up suddenly finding a passion for fitness. She started running regularly and going to the gym in addition to playing hockey every week. Eli still dances every week and does as many different gym classes as she can possibly fit in, for example Yoga and Pilates.  She also still enjoys running and has participated in many races between 5 km to half marathons. She has also danced in various shows such as Fame, Jesus Christ Superstar and My Fair Lady.

Becoming a Trainer

Eli became a Personal Trainer 7 years ago and also moved to Australia shortly afterwards, she knew she wanted to do something involving working with people, and with her new found passion for fitness and love of dancing, she thought being an aerobics instructor would be a good place to start. She ended up loving being an aerobics instructor more than she could have ever imagined and went on to become a Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor. Eli’s favourite part of being a Trainer is when clients suddenly ‘get it’, when you can see that they’ve made the shift from just turning up to sessions, to making it a lifestyle. It lights her up knowing the clients no longer need a Trainer but instead want to train in order to keep learning and improving. For Eli it is all about the people and helping them guide them to becoming a better version of themselves.

Eli King North Lakes franchiseeInspiration for fun training

Trying new things is a good way to challenge the body and Eli also sees it as a great opportunity to learn from different Trainers and training styles, therefore she tries out as many different classes as possible to get inspiration for her clients. She combines a lot of different elements into her training, with a big focus on fun. Eli knows that because she never used to enjoy exercise, making the sessions fun is very important. Another focus of Eli’s is core strength, which comes from her Pilates background. Eli is based in the North Lakes and Deception Bay area on the Northside of Brisbane and trains clients in all surrounding suburbs.

What made Eli become a Fitness Enhancement Franchisee?

Eli had her own Personal Training business before she started working for Fitness Enhancement about a year ago. Since starting with Fitness Enhancement she has gotten more clients than she can fit into her weekly schedule, that in combination with her passion for helping people, made her decide on taking the step to becoming a Fitness Enhancement Franchisee.  A month in and Eli’s franchise is already booming and she’s already needed to take on staff to keep up with demand.

Five questions with Eli King:

1. What is your biggest achievement as a Personal Trainer?

Many of my clients have achieved amazing results, from losing weight to reducing or coming off medications and changing their lifestyles completely. However, I don’t see these as my achievements, they belong to the client. Just because I have shown you what path to take, doesn’t mean I’ve run the race. I’m so proud of my clients, for many just taking the step to get a Trainer is a huge achievement.

2. What is your most memorable training session?

I love the sessions when the whole family train together, when you can see little kids learning to take care of themselves and following the example their parents are setting. It’s inspiring to see.

3. What is your favourite exercise as a Trainer?

Any kind of plank variation.

4. What is your favourite exercise or sport outside of work?


5. What is your favourite quote?

It’s not about perfection, it’s about progress.

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