Trainer Matthew Gatt combines his love of sport and passion for helping people

Matthew Gatt Personal Trainer

Matthew Gatt became Personal Trainer to combine his love of sports as a kid, strength training as an adult and passion for helping people be the best they can be.

Sporty background

Growing up in Laverton, a suburb to Melbourne, Matthew was a sporty kid doing as many sports as he could fit in; judo, cricket, golf, AFL, table tennis and swimming are some of them. As a junior he was second in Australia in judo and he remembers absolutely loving the training and competitions. When Matthew was 17 he found the gym and started learning how to train with weights, and he was soon hooked when he saw the massive improvements strength wise the body can achieve when you push it with resistance training.

A love for helping people

Matthew saw the results he was getting in the gym he realised he would love to be able to help other people to get the same results, whether it be strength for everyday life or more sport specific. According to Matthew, the best thing about being a Personal Trainer is to be able to help people do things they never thought were possible. He’s been a Personal Trainer for four years and he has been a Trainer with Fitness Enhancement for about a year, with lots of clients both in the Gold Coast studio and in mobile locations around the coast.  He focuses a lot on building strength and incorporating cardio and boxing in his sessions. These days Matthew doesn’t play as many sports as when he was younger, his focus is on cricket and golf and the strength training at gym of course.

Matt Gatt PTFive questions with Matthew Gatt:

1. What is your biggest achievement as a Personal Trainer?

 I helped a good friend of mine lose 20 kg. To help him go from a terrible eater and a couch potato to being a gym junkie who had all this new confidence and self esteem was very rewarding!

2. What is your most memorable training session?

 I trained my friend for his goal of being able to bench press 100 kg. When it was time to give it a try and he nailed it was an amazing feeling.

3. What is your favourite exercise as a trainer?

 Squat holds are my absolute favourites.

4. What is your favourite exercise or sport outside of work?

 I love lifting weights and playing cricket and golf.

5. What is your favourite quote?

 If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you.

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