Trainer Hanna Sivén comes from Finland with her BS in Sport Science and Master in Education

James Rowe client of the monthMeet our Personal Trainer Hanna Sivén who loves spending time in nature, preferably running or skiing.

Growing up in Finland

Growing up in Finland, Hanna did a lot of outdoor sports from a young age. Her dad brought her to orienteering competitions from the moment she could walk, and that’s where she found her love for maps, running and nature. Living in the northern part of the world winter sports where a big part of growing up and Hanna loved spending her winters in the cross country skiing tracks and also going downhill on the snowboard. Hanna has done a lot of races in different sports but her biggest accomplishment is completing a Swedish Classic which includes four races; 90 km cross country skiing, 300 km cycling, 3 km swimming (in 14 degree celius water…and that’s Summer!), and 30 km cross country running, all races done in one year.

Finding the gym

Finding the gym after a knee injury when Hanna was in her late teens, she found another way to improve strength and fitness indoors. When time came to choose a career path health and fitness was the obvious way to go and Hanna completed both a Bachelor in Sport Science and a Master in Education to be able to work with both adults and children and change many lives along the way. Before starting with Fitness Enhancement Hanna has both worked as a trainer, group fitness instructor and Physical Education teacher.  In 2011 Hanna moved to Australia and eventually married her Aussie partner, and she has thoroughly been enjoying the beautiful nature and lifestyle that the Gold Coast has to offer.

Hanna’s training sessions are a mix of weights, cardio and boxing; mixing it up means active recovery (her clients love it when she uses this expression) for legs when arms are working and vice versa. Hanna tries to keep the training lighthearted and add a bit of humour.


HannaFive questions with Hanna Sivén:

What is your biggest achievement as a Personal Trainer?

Being able to motivate people and then see them find their inner motivation is the most rewarding thing as a Personal Trainer. Sometimes it takes only a few sessions, sometimes a few weeks or months, but it is still equally rewarding for me to see that change in their mind and way of thinking.

What is your most memorable training session?

All my sessions are memorable, but I love it extra much when clients managed to do something they were sure they could not do.

What is your favourite exercise as a trainer?

I like compound exercises when many different parts of your body work at the same time, plank row with dumbbells is my favourite, it works your core very well at the same time as you do row with one arm at a time.

What is your favourite exercise or sport outside of work?

There are so many but my favourite sport is cross country skiing, it is a fantastic full-body workout, it is challenging and you get to be outside in nature.

What is your favourite quote?

“If you don’t find time for exercise, you will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”

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