Trainer Natalie Gumz in the most rewarding career she can imagine

IMG_6287Natalie Gumz has been a Personal Trainer for Fitness Enhancement for six years, during this time many clients have enjoyed her sessions and below you will find out a bit more about why Personal Training was the way to go for Natalie.

Sporty child

Growing up in Browns Plains, Natalie was always sporty and active, she enjoyed all sorts of sports; soccer and touch footy are a couple. When Natalie was 12 years old, she moved to the Gold Coast, and it was in her teenage years that she discovered the gym and started to really enjoy that aspect of exercise. Natalie completed her first marathon when she was 19 years old, after that followed a bunch of half marathons and other obstacle courses, she has completed Tough Mudder and this year she did the Kokoda Challenge.

Rewarding career

Natalie thrived in the gym and enjoyed the benefits of gym training, when it came to choosing a career the choice was easy and she liked the concept of helping people with fitness. That is why Natalie took the step and became a Personal Trainer. She says it is the most rewarding job she can imagine, every day she gets to help people with their fitness journeys and finding a healthy life style, and at the same time that helps Natalie herself to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Natalie has been a Personal Trainer for eight years, at the same time as the job is rewarding it is also challenging and no day is ever the same. Challenge is good though says Natalie, the challenge is another aspect of the job that she enjoys very much.

Natalie works in the Gold Coast Fitness Enhancement studio and also as a mobile Personal Trainer.

Five questions with Natalie Gumz:IMG_6253

What is your biggest achievement as a Personal Trainer?

I have a few clients that have wanted to get pregnant and have had to lose weight and get fit to be able to do so. I have started them on fitness programs that have helped them with this, and it has been pretty cool to be a part of creating life.

What is your most memorable session?

One of my clients has balance problems due to the signals between the brain and the body not working correctly, and with the training she is now fitter and healthier than ever. She is about to do a hike, and she can now walk without walking sticks which she hasn’t been able to do before.

What is your favourite exercise as a trainer?

Bear crawl, it is a full body work out that gets people out of their comfort zone. And it is challenging for everyone.

What is your favourite exercise or sport outside of work?

Running and motor cross.

What is your favourite quote?

Look after your body, it is the only one you have.

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