Why people choose Mobile Personal Training instead of doing it alone or online

A lot of people are asking why everyone isn’t just going to train themselves or use an online option now that they’ve had to give it a try during this lockdown period.


While we know some people choose to do it alone – just like pre COVID-19, plenty of self-motivated people kept in amazing shape without a Gym, just training themselves or using an online option. However what we have found during this pandemic is that despite the readily available online options, most gyms have reported only about 10% of their members have converted to online training if they charged a fair rate for it. (Let’s not include the ones getting it for free, as that’s obviously not sustainable.)

Mobile Personal Training advantages

So even when every single gym had to close their doors, and the only option to train with their gym was online, only one out of ten members thought it was a good idea! Online training loses one of the primary things that any in-person meeting offers, and that’s real human connection. It’s the same reason that chatting to your friends on Zoom over the lockdown period simply didn’t cut it compared to in person – most people can’t wait to go back to seeing their friends in the flesh.

We have been very fortunate that Mobile Personal Training outdoors has been able to continue on as-normal throughout this whole lockdown period, with little disruption to our Trainers or clients. Some clients have even found they prefer Training outdoors to indoors.

So will some people keep doing it alone or online? Sure. But so many people have chosen the Mobile Personal Training option during this period, because they continue to get the very thing they sought in the first place. Personal interaction, accountability and motivation from a real person, in person, in real time.


What the future holds

Our industry, like all industries has evolved and become more and more diverse. Remember it was only 10 years ago that 24/7 gyms and boutique Gyms became popular, and only 5 years ago that Netflix and Uber Eats started in Australia.  The great thing is this diversity offers so many great options for whatever the consumer is looking for. As we settle into the new normal the change in life as we know it and evolution of many industries is set to be faster than we’ve ever seen it before, and we’re banking on mobile PT being one of them.

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