Online Personal Training gives you the daily support you need!

Get a real Personal Trainer working with you online and via video, yes, it is actually PERSONAL. Your Online Personal Training program will be custom made by your Trainer and delivered to you by our state of the art technology. Videos, heart rate monitoring and of course your real Trainer checking in on you each workout, especially if you skip it! Want even more support? Get a live one on one face to face personal training session, we call it Live Video Personal Training.

Fitness Enhancement Personal Trainers

Apps don't care, PEOPLE care

In a world full of cookie cutter programs made for the masses, we provide real human connection in an online environment. Our technology is state of the art, but what we really excel in is amazing Personal Trainers. That’s why we’ve been awarded the in-home Personal Trainers in Australia!

You can silence a notification on an app or delete an automated email, you can’t do the same to your real Trainer that genuinely cares!

Fitness Enhancement Personal Trainers

The technology to make it feel like we're really there

Let’s face it, nothing beats in person, but if COVID-19 means that isn’t an option, our affordably priced Online Personal Training or Live Video Personal Training comes in a close second. After getting to know you via phone or video and quick form your custom made program with videos of each exercise will be added to your calendar by your Trainer. You’ll wear our optional heart rate belt when you train so we know exactly how hard you’re working in each exercise. There’s no point in just going through the motions if you’re not getting the right intensity. There’s no cheating here! Your Trainer will know if you did your workout, how hard you did it and of course if you didn’t do it. Either way, you can expect to hear from him or her! It’s Personal Training, we’re just not there in front of you for every rep.

Fitness Enhancement Personal Trainers

Real Trainers for real people

Your Online Personal Trainer is a real person that you can relate to. There’s no artificial intelligence here, and we mean in both our software (it’s not AI, it’s a real Trainer making your program) and in terms of the “artificial” type of person many so called fitness gurus or celebrity endorsed apps. We’re Australia’s largest Mobile Personal Training company with a diverse range of Personal Trainers to ensure you have the right Trainer. For 20 years we’ve helped our clients overcome obstacles to achieve their goals. We may all now have a new obstacle we’re facing, but we haven’t found an obstacle we haven’t been able to help a client overcome yet!

Fitness Enhancement Personal Trainers

Take back control of your health and fitness now!

Life is out of control, but you can get back in control with the right support. Our Trainers have helped the likes of Shari lose 100kg. She overcame her struggles with the help of our Personal Trainers, we can do the same for you. Take control of your health, fitness and weight now! You can even train now and pay later with purchases available on Humm (it’s like Afterpay but better!). Don’t delay, buy your package now.

Got a question? Check out our online Personal Training questions, give us a call on 1800 PT for U or book a free phone consultation with your Trainer to be.

Fitness Enhancement Personal Trainers

Ready to go? Make a start right now!

Your Online Personal Training Daily Support includes:
  • 1 hour initial live phone or video call with your Online Trainer
  • Questionnaire so we can learn more about you to get you more res
  • A custom made program that’s as unique as you
  • Nutritional support, advice, guidance and accountability
  • Videos of every single exercise you need to do
  • Your Trainer will schedule each workout in your calendar
  • Our easy to use state of the art app and desktop site
  • Heart rate monitoring of every single workout – optional
  • Unlimited program updates based on your progress
  • Unlimited support via written and video messages
  • Every completed workout check by your Trainer and modified
  • Personal follow ups from your Trainer every time you miss a workout!
  • Access to out clients only community to get support and inspiration from others
  • Anything else you need to make sure your Online Personal Training is PERSONAL
Your Online Personal Training Live Support includes:
  • Everything in Daily Support plus unlimited live support via phone or video
Choose what suits you and your goals:
  • Join for 14 days, 4 weeks or 8 weeks.
  • Add Live Video Personal Training sessions
  • Add in person Personal Training sessions (if available)
  • Purchase home fitness equipment

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