The Beginning

At over 170kg and with her self confidence running at an all time low, a “Gym” was the last place Shari wanted to go.  She’d also failed with countless weight loss attempts in the past, so understandably she wasn’t too trusting of anything new.

Thankfully one of our happy clients finally convinced Shari to give us a go.  Her promise of our sessions being “100% private”, and having understanding caring Trainers was enough to finally convince her to give us a go, and the results have been life changing!

The Results

Watch the video to hear from Shari about her amazing 100kg weight loss, two years on from this and she’s still just as fit, strong, lean, healthy and happy.

We always put an extra focus on safety if anyone has any special needs, whether it be a disability, an injury, old age or an extreme amount of weight like Shari. We do not want to make people sore and sorry! So Shari wasn’t doing any of the more extreme exercises you see in the video, it took Shari two years and a 100kg weight loss* to build up to this. Once fit enough to handle it you can see the type of training that many of our sessions cover. Check out our testimonials to hear more success stories and examples of our wide variety of sessions.

Whether you come to a Studio or we come to you, you’ll notice that the bulk of the exercises Shari is doing can be done in the privacy of your own home.