How Family-Owned Fitness Enhancement Beat Industry Giants to Win Fitness Franchise Group of the Year

scott hunt and fitness franchise group of the year

In a fitness landscape filled with crowded, impersonal gym chains, discovering a family-owned personal training company that values community, personal connections, and the shared goal of helping people who won’t or can’t go to a regular gym to achieve their fitness goals, is truly refreshing. Fitness Enhancement Personal Training is one such story—a story of personal attention, passion, and perseverance.

Fitness Enhancement Wins the Fitness Franchise Group of the Year

In 2023, Fitness Enhancement Personal Training achieved a remarkable feat by winning the prestigious “Franchise Group of the Year” award in the Australian fitness industry, surpassing industry giants like Anytime Fitness, Snap Fitness, and World Gym, along with over 60 other fitness franchise groups across Australia.scott hunt accepts fitness franchise group of the year

Founded in 1999 in Nerang, Gold Coast, by 19-year-old Scott Hunt with just $400 and a deep-seated passion for helping individuals achieve fitness goals outside traditional gym settings, the company has defied the odds. A decade ago after having expanded across the Gold Coast, Scott took the bold step of franchising the brand, despite warnings of potential failure, as no similar business had achieved long-term success through franchising or expansion to multiple cities.

fitness franchise group of the year badgeToday, this family-owned business Fitness Enhancement boasts a unique “100% private” concept, with franchisees operating in 8 cities and servicing over 3000 suburbs. Their recent growth has been significantly driven by their registration with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in 2019 and the establishment of the “Fit Your Ability” division. In a pioneering move within the fitness industry, they became NDIS registered in 2021 for core support, effectively transitioning into a disability support company, thus expanding their reach to assist more people with disabilities.


Franchising for a Greater Purpose

The journey began with a bold idea—franchising Fitness Enhancement Personal Training. But it wasn’t just about expanding a brand; it was about spreading a vision of fitness for all that could transform lives in Nerang and across the Gold Coast and beyond.

fitness enhancement head office team in nerang

Going Beyond the Gold Coast

There was a desire to extend the benefits of Fitness Enhancement’s unique approach to fitness far and wide. However, they faced a common challenge—finding individuals who would treat the business as their own, with the same dedication and passion.

Franchising became the bridge to overcome this gap. It allowed Fitness Enhancement to reach out to like-minded individuals across towns, regions, and cities. These franchisees weren’t just ordinary business owners; they were passionate personal trainers, dedicated to helping people transform their lives through fitness.

Despite its growth in size, Fitness Enhancement remains a family-owned business, with Scott at the helm in Nerang. Its franchisees are all small, family-owned businesses, preserving the family-owned feel even as they scale and grow—a quality that sets them apart from larger franchise brands that often lose their personal touch as they expand. The Nerang studio remains true to its roots, with many long-time clients training for more than 10 years, including Scott’s own mother and mother-in-law, who have been training there for over two decades.

Empowering Local Business Owners

Many personal trainers excel at their craft but may struggle with the complexities of running a business. The family-owned Fitness Enhancement recognised this and offered them a lifeline—an opportunity to focus on what they do best, while the brand took care of the rest.

The franchise model allowed these local business owners to retain their identity, their commitment to their communities, and their passion for personal training. It was about a shared vision to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

When you choose Fitness Enhancement or Fit Your Ability franchise, you’re not just investing in a fitness program; you’re supporting a family-owned business. You’re empowering trainers who live in their communities, and who understand the unique needs and goals of their clients.

So, in joining and training with us, you’re joining a family, a community, and a movement that’s dedicated to helping you be your best self.

Own your own Fitness Enhancement franchise, or make a start training with a Fitness Enhancement or Fit your Ability franchisee.