The most common older adults fitness myths

I’m too old to start a fitness routine

You’re never too old to start exercising! Our Trainers have had clients in their 70s and even 80s who have come to us for help with their fitness. There are many gentle forms of exercise that are suitable for seniors. You could try walking, swimming, Tai Chi or even a gentle bodyweight strength routine. Always remember to check with your doctor before starting a new exercise regime.

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I can’t start exercising because of my disability

Many of our clients are NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) participants and still exercising regularly every week! We have had many clients in wheelchairs too. There are plenty of exercises that can be done in a seated position plus not every exercise has to be overly vigorous to be beneficial. Don’t hesitate to contact us even if you have a disability or an injury, our Trainers are friendly, compassionate and very knowledgeable and happy to help people of all ages and fitness levels.

I’m afraid to start exercising because I might have a fall

Starting out can be scary for people of all ages! But, exercise can actually help you to prevent falls.  Being physically active improves your mobility, coordination and balance. Just make sure to start out very slowly so you feel comfortable and confident with what you’re doing.

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I don’t want to go to a Gym because they are full of young people

You don’t have to go to a Gym to exercise! You can do a workout at home without any equipment at all. A good way to start is to try out some gentle chair squats and push ups against your kitchen bench or a wall. If you’re unsure where to start, you could get one of our mobile Personal Trainers to come and help you out setting up a fitness routine.

I don’t know where to start

We have mobile Personal Trainers available in most major cities Australia-wide. We also offer online training sessions via video call anywhere in the world! We understand that the Gyms and crowded exercise classes are not for everyone and we will make sure you can start where you feel comfortable without feeling pressured out of your comfort zone!