Social media to be blocked for people who don’t exercise enough!

Fitness Enhancement is excited to reveal our founder and CEO Scott Hunt has been involved in the top-secret development of a social media app update to help combat the obesity epidemic. Since April 1st 2018 Scott and has worked closely with the teams at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to help reward social media users by giving them access to the apps if they exercise.

Major social media apps on smartphones around the globe will be blocked – only able to be used for as many minutes as the user has exercised. The software technology links into smartphone accelerometers, gyroscopes and pedometers to track activity levels and accumulates increments of 5 minutes which can be utilised throughout the day – the accumulated minutes reset at midnight every night.

Images: Scott trialling the beta version of the new updates pre-launch

5 minutes of exercise will get you 5 minutes of social media time, 30 minutes of exercise will get you 30 minutes etc.

Under the guidance of the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO), the software will be trialled for one month to gather data and determine ongoing viability.

Scott Hunt says “This automatically installed software attacks two problems, one being excessive screen time and social media addiction, and the other being epidemic levels of obesity and lack of physical activity. We estimate this software will increase activity levels by 150%, and reduce time on social media by 50%.”

The major Social Media outlets are participating in the trial of this software and the automatic update is scheduled to roll out along the East Coast of Australia later today – April 1st 2019.

The software has already been trialled in parts of the US with mixed reactions. There was initial outrage from many users, who were unable to share their “gym selfies” without being forced to exercise for at least 5 minutes.

Major fitness chains have reported a huge influx of new members, especially in the early morning, desperately trying to accumulate enough minutes of exercise to get themselves social media access through their workday.

Emergency departments have reported an increased incidence of phone-related accidents as people try to exercise at the same time as using social media – several pedestrians have walked into light poles, parked vehicles, fallen off curbs, down stairs and gym members have fallen off treadmills, spin bikes and dropped dumbbells on themselves.

In an unexpected benefit to most of the world, there have been no tweets from the Kardashians or President Trump since the blackout.

Here at Fitness Enhancement, we are excited to see that millions of people will now be able to “find time” to exercise, and we look forward to a fitter, healthier population.  In preparation for the rollout Fitness Enhancement has just launched 3am session times to cater to social media lovers, aptly named #OMGWTF3AM.

What do you think, will this new software be a positive or a negative for anyone who uses social media? Make sure you comment on our Facebook post now before the app updates later today. If you don’t, you’ll have to exercise!

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