Trainer Tee Smith is a franchisee and a busy mum of three boys

Tee franchiseePersonal Training Partnership

Personal training Franchisee Tee has explored many different careers over the years, she has worked on the roads in traffic control, in homes with domestic cleaning, in warehouses and even waited tables and tended bar at pubs. Tee discovered her passion for fitness when she started training in the gym together with her now-husband Chris back in 2012, so much so that she is now perusing her own career in Personal Training. She is so excited about changing lives and making a real difference in people’s lives as she grows her business with Fitness Enhancement.

Chris and Tee weddingOne of the big drawcards for Tee and husband Chris about owning a Fitness Enhancement franchise was that they essentially get 2 for the price of 1. Considering the alternative option where they would both need to pay rent in a gym setting, Fitness Enhancement offers them the opportunity to pour the time and energy of TWO people into growing their business together for the cost of just ONE franchise. It also allows them to work together to create a business that will give them the financial freedom they want in order to give their family the life they deserve.

Busy business mum

Since Tee first started Training with Chris they have had some major life changes. Tee is not only a busy working woman, but she is now a busy mum to three adorable little boys – ages 1-5. You can imagine that their life is a little chaotic, but so full of fun, laughter and positive energy, they wouldn’t have it any other way!

Favourite Training styles

Tee has always loved weight training and has now grown to love HIIT training and boxing as great stress relievers.

Favourite part of being a PT

Tee loves helping her clients reach specific health and fitness goals.

Favourite exercisetee smith franchisee

Battle ropes because they are an amazing high intensity, full body exercise for cardio and strength

Favourite Quote

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”