Exercises to reduce lower back pain

This episode, we are teaching you how the Plank is such an effective tool to aid in the elimination of Lower Back pain.
If you have ever sat at your desk all day then when you have finally stood up, felt some sort of pain in your lower back, this is a sign those muscles are weak and under utilized in your daily routine. As the saying goes, if you don’t use it, you lose it, and this is what is happening. You may have built up some lower back and core strength in your daily gym/ life routine, but as soon as you sit at a desk all day long, those muscles relax and are not used so that strength is, in a sense, “lost”. To optimize any strength gains (or gain core and lower back strength), add this simple exercise in to your day and watch the back pain disappear! You can even do it without the exercise ball (though it does add a bit more of a challenge!)

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