Mobile Personal Training vs Online Training

How many Facebook ads have you seen where a Trainer rolls up in his $100,000 shiny car and tells you how you can get the secrets to becoming a millionaire by online Personal Training?

The fact of the matter is that despite all the stars aligning to make online Personal Training one of the best options during the pandemic, it STILL has not been very popular, and it certainly hasn’t made PTs into millionaires!

So what’s the problem?

online personal training

Online Training lacks the most important thing that people look for in their Personal Training – Personal interaction! No matter how great your technology is, it can’t beat a real, in-person, human interaction.

The other problem with online Training for the Trainer, is that it’s the exact opposite of why you got into the industry. No-one gets into Personal Training envisioning sitting at a computer 8 hours a day! That’s most PT’s nightmare.

What are our options then?

Mobile Personal Training has not only been popular, but it has been booming during this time when a lot of other “luxury” goods and services have been struggling. Mobile Personal Training offers a lot of solutions to common problems, better than online Training can.

Mobile Personal Training gives you in-person Training, but with the ability to maintain social distancing, stay at home or close to home, and be outdoors in the fresh air. During stages 1-3 of lockdown, outdoor one-on-one PT was one of the few fitness options still able to operate.

Mobile Personal Training offers the clients the convenience of having their fitness home-delivered just the way they like their online shopping and food delivered. No traffic, no travel time, no babysitter required, and no worries about dodgy internet connection.

So if your online Training business is failing to deliver the millions it promised, check out Mobile Personal Training.

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