Mobile Personal Training – the future of fitness

Consumer demands are changing. Remember when Friday night meant a trip down to the local video shop to browse the latest releases, while you waited for your take-away to be cooked at the shop next door?

But in our fast-paced world, with everyone wanting everything delivered immediately, the convenience of home-delivered goods and services has created a booming industry, and seen the decline of some previous giants. Take Blockbuster for example – previously over 9000 stores worldwide, has now been almost totally wiped out by the convenience of streaming services like Netflix.

Rather than picking up your take away yourself, now Uber Eats brings it to you.

in home personal trainer for mums

Rather than going to the grocery store, you place your order online and get it delivered.

Rather than going to the department store, Amazon delivers to your door.

Add to that the current social distancing and rolling lockdowns, people have never been more likely to get things delivered and save themselves the trouble and potential danger of leaving home.

Mobile Personal Training has always been a popular option for people who were time poor, had kids at home, lack of transport or not keen on gym settings. But Mobile Training has now become MORE popular than gym Training. People have found all the benefits of “delivery” as well as the comfort and safety of being able to socially distance and Train outdoors in the open air.

We see a bright future for Mobile Personal Training as health and fitness remains an important priority for many, and consumer demands continue to change and progress, we as a fitness industry need to adapt and change accordingly

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