5 benefits of being a Mobile Personal Trainer

Most Personal Trainers got into the industry for one reason – to help people. Along the way many Trainers have struggled to find enough clients to pay the bills, pay rent at a gym, or run their own business with the big overheads of renting a studio.

  1. Small costs. One of the huge advantages to Mobile Personal Training is that you don’t need a premises, you have very little for overhead costs, all you need is a car and some key pieces of transportable gear.
  2. You get to work at different places every day. The variety of changing locations regularly is refreshing and keeps you motivated, compared to being stuck in one place for 40 hours a week.
  3. You get to be outside!! Whether you train clients in their back yard, at a nearby park (making sure you check what local council permits are required) or even at a beach if you live near one. The benefits of spending time outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine every day are scientifically proven!mobile personal trainer
  4. Job security. Another thing that is reassuring, is that even during crazy times in stage 3 lockdown when gyms and busy public spaces are closed down, one-on-one mobile Training outdoors was able to continue. This can give you some job security in uncertain times when big expensive facilities are struggling to stay afloat.
  5. Flexible work schedule. When you deliver the training to the clients, you don’t do a 9-5 grind. You get to choose days and times that work around other important things in your day like school drop off, study, running day-time errands or whatever else you have going on in your life.

Working as a Mobile Trainer lets you do what you love – Train clients, help people, be your own boss, set your own schedule. It takes away many of the headaches of paying rent at a gym or a studio.

If you struggle to actually get your own clients you can even work as a contracted Mobile Personal Trainer for an organisation, and then you don’t even need to do any marketing, promotions, giving away free sessions, or any of that other stuff you may have to do if you’re going solo.

So – what are you waiting for? Make the switch to mobile today.

Find out about getting a Mobile Personal Training job with us, or get your own Mobile PT business booming!