We offer one on one and small group Mat Pilates with our qualified Pilates instructors in our 100% private studio on the Gold Coast, and also at mobile locations in your home or outdoors.

Fitness Enhancement Personal Trainers

Better posture

Our instructors can teach you how to activate your deep core muscles which a lot of people struggle with and never learn how to do. Activating your core properly will help you with a better posture and therefore less pains and aches, it will help you in your day to day activities whether it is sitting still in front of a computer all day or standing on your feet restocking shelves. Both of these examples are taking a toll on your body and it is important with a strong base, the core, so that you can support your body in all situations.

Fitness Enhancement Personal Trainers

Decreased pain

Pilates increases your flexibility by stretching the muscles and making them stronger and leaner. Short muscles are often the cause of pain in many areas; for example back, hip and knee, and by improving your flexibility you can avoid these pains or recover from pain and build up a stronger body. With an improved flexibility and circulation, you can reduce stress symptoms and find relief in situations where you feel anxiety or worry.

Fitness Enhancement Personal Trainers

Health benefits

Some of the health benefits of Mat Pilates are:

  • Improve core strength and work the deep core muscles
  • Improved posture and less back pain
  • Increased flexibility
  • Leaner and more toned muscles
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
Fitness Enhancement Personal Trainers

Pilates for your goals

Our studio is all about creating the perfect session for you, whether it be one on one Pilates, Personal Training or Pilates in one of our small groups, our sessions will give you the personal attention you need to get the results you deserve. Our trainers can customize the sessions to suit your goals and capabilities, if you are after weight loss you’ll also get access to our online food and exercise diary which we use to help you with nutrition as well. Pilates in combination with Personal Training and nutrition advise from our qualified trainers will give you amazing results and help you reach your goals