Trainer and Franchisee Jeff De Pasquale changing careers and loving it

trainer and franchisee jeff de pasquale changing careers and loving itLife Experience

Jeff is a married father of two. He comes to us at Fitness Enhancement with extensive life experience and career experience in a variety of fields, the main one being photography. Jeff has had a thirty-five-year career as a photographer including twenty-two years at Fairfax Media. During that time he has had experience with hundreds of people from all walks of life covering different events, everything from weddings to political events to public news stories. Jeff used these interactions to develop his personal and communication skills to help him get along with everyone, no matter their differences. Jeff says he learned long ago to go into every new interaction with the right attitude and the right expression; that presentation opens the mind and hearts of almost anyone.

Outside of photography, Jeff’s main hobbies include cars and mechanics, fitness and training as well as music and records. Jeff has an impressive vinyl collection and plays some percussion instruments; he has even played a few events over the years. A man of many talents!

trainer and franchisee jeff de pasquale changing careers and loving it

Making the move to Fitness

When the photography opportunities started to dwindle, Jeff decided to pursue his other passion – fitness. He completed his Personal Training qualifications in 2016. He then started his own mobile personal training business and enjoyed training clients and helping them achieve their goals. Like many passionate Trainers Jeff found certain aspects of the business challenging especially self-promotion and marketing in order to gain enough clients to earn a full-time income. To help boost his income he also worked for a gym, the local council and ran group fitness classes. He spent several years in this way doing 1-on-1, 2-on-1, and small group training.

A new career with Fitness Enhancement

After much deliberation and research, Jeff is excited to now embark on his new fitness career as a Fitness Enhancement Personal Trainer and Franchisee, where he can spend more time on what he loves (helping people) and we take care of the boring and tricky parts. He can finally put all his eggs in one basket and really focus his energy and attention wholly on his clients and his business. Jeff describes himself as the determined type that completes something once committed to it. He doesn’t give up on anything he believes has worth and he hates failing at anything. He is thankful that he has found a way that he can continue his career as a passionate Personal Trainer with the backing of a nation-wide company to ensure his success.

People person

Jeff says that based on his past experience as a Trainer he works well with almost anyone. He has trained equal numbers of younger men (bodybuilding) and women (toning and shaping) as well as those in their later years (weight loss and rehabilitation). Jeff has found that as an experienced man himself, clients close to him in age tend to gravitate towards him as they share a lot of similar experiences and feel like he can relate to them.