Benefits of a Dead Hang for lower back pain

Benefits of a Dead Hang for lower back pain

dead hangWhen sitting for long periods of time, in the case of office work, working from home and lots of driving, a lot of pressure is placed on the lumbar spine. The lumbar spine is made up of 5 vertebrae in the lower back, in between each vertebrae is a fluid-filled disc to cushion the spine.

Over time in a sitting position under pressure the discs between the vertebrae are squeezed on one side and can become bulging or misaligned, and start to press on surrounding nerves causing pain.

One way to help correct this problem is to decompress the spine – you can take all the pressure off the discs between the vertebrae and help them to redistribute their fluid and realign. You can do this by hanging on a pullup bar or a piece of playground equipment by your hands, called a “dead hang”. Try hanging for 30 seconds to a minute a few times a day.

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compressed spine When a bulging disc slips out of alignment, it may press on nearby nerves, leading to chronic pain. As long as the compression continues the damaged discs don’t heal and people will continue to suffer.
decompressed spine A “Dead Hang” for spinal decompression creates space between the vertebrae, leaving room for the bulging disc to be pulled back into its correct position. This relieves pressure on the nerves and the surrounding soft tissues. This also increases circulation which increases the flow of nutrients, oxygen and fluids back into the disc which helps stimulate healing.