PT franchise FAQ’s

Great, you’ve got questions about how our Personal Training franchises work.  Hear the answers to our most frequently asked questions from your CEO and founder Scott Hunt.  With over 16 years in the Personal Training industry he’s worth listening to no matter what direction you’re looking at taking your PT career in.

How do you get so many clients to pay an average of $5000?

Well we could tell you that…but you’d have to buy a franchise ;-). Watch the video for a brief overview of how we do it, however in summary, a large part of it is great marketing that’s targeted towards people that want (and can afford) an expensive Trainer.  Compare that to most Gyms who market towards Gym members who want to spend $15 a week, (not PT clients who want to spend ten times that) or most independent PT’s who have next to no marketing budget or skills, and you can see a big difference right away.

Another big factor should be pretty obvious, we actually answer the phone! Most Trainers miss lots of new enquiries and effectively throw away clients.   Our new enquiries come through on 1800 PT for U for one of our Trainers who is great at sales to chat to for as long as required before booking them into your diary which can be see live at head office.

Check out the video for some of the other great things we do, oh yeah, we also make sure that every one of our Trainers gives amazing sessions, that’s one of the best tactics of all!

Do I have to market my PT business, or do you?

We do a huge amount of marketing for you and drive a lot of new clients to you directly off our marketing.  Our marketing that we do on your behalf is more extensive than any other Personal Training company in Australia.

You do still need to be actively involved in the marketing, after all It’s your business, so you need to help plug it, market it and build it.  However not in the typical “give anyone you can find a free session” way that many Trainers use.  We don’t offer free sessions and we have much more strategic and profitable ways that value your time properly.

Will I be forced to follow a set session structure?

Definitely not!  While some fitness franchises take the “McGym” approach to how a business should be built, run and how clients should be trained, we don’t.  We pride ourselves on our Personal Training being just that, “Personal”.  You know your clients better than us, and you might even have areas of expertise that you can offer that we can’t.  Plus your business goals and ambitions might be different to other franchisees so we’re here to help you achieve your business dreams, not just ours.

We do have certain guidelines and requirements of course, and remember it’s because of our tried and proven system that people want to buy a franchise from us in the first place.  However within those guidelines you are still the number one person determining how you go about training your clients while we help build your individual profile within the Fitness Enhancement brand.

What's a franchise? And what's so special about it?

A franchise is essentially a tried and proven way of business that provides franchisees with the support, resources, brand name and a whole lot more that they need to reach a similar level of success to the franchisor.  From a legal perspective there are some very very important differences between a legitimate, Franchise Council Australia registered franchise such as us, compared to the  cheaper licenses, affiliates and Gym rents that seem similar at a glance.

A franchise comes under the Franchise Code, essentially very strict ACCC laws to help ensure a franchisor is legit and doesn’t over promise and under deliver.  These laws are there to protect you and your business more than us, and we’re proud to be able to abide by them. No matter what fitness business system you’re looking at, we suggest you do some research and Google the likes of “Franchise Code” and “Franchise Vs license/affiliate” to understand your rights, obligations, risks and pros and cons of anything you are seriously looking at.

What do you get when you buy a PT franchise?

You get everything you need to have a ready made business in your own exclusive marketing territory of 40,000 people from day one.  From the equipment, uniforms, marketing, websites, franchise training (PT qualifications included if needed), websites, intellectual property and anything else you need to be successful.  After your week of franchise training you also get unlimited support and we’re only a phone call or email away.  After all your success is our success! Take a listen to this video and the others to hear more about what’s included.

What type of person do you need to be to be accepted?

Personality and dedication are our two biggest requirements.  We can teach you everything else.  Obviously within this you need to have the right background, however this doesn’t necessarily have to be in fitness as we can even get you qualified with your franchise purchase.  While you need to practise what you preach in regards to health and fitness, the best Trainers are ones who are dedicated to how great they can make their clients look and feel, not the ones dedicated to how good they look while training clients.  In fact if a selfie of how big and strong you are is your claim to fame then you’re probably not for us.  Our target market is people who hate the stereo typical meat head or the barbie doll Personal Trainer cliché , so we’re obviously not after franchisees who fit this stereotype.