Don't rent a job when you can own a business

Gym rent is more of a “rent a job” system, but with none of the security of employment, whereas a Fitness Enhancement Personal Training franchise is about “owning a business”. The saying “rent money is dead money” isn’t just true in real estate, it’s true in business. For a similar long term price to Gym rent, you can own your own Fitness Enhancement Personal Training franchise. If you’re ambitious, want to build a real business and don’t want the limitations of feeling like an employee at a Gym, then compare the differences between us and Gym rent. Whether it be a 24/7 Gym with a couple of Trainers, or a big box Gym with a dozen or more Trainers, we offer better value for money, better-earning potential, better service and better opportunities for any Personal Trainer dedicated to owning a real business.

Here are 16 of the top reasons we, and many of our franchisees who left Gym rent to join us, believe a Fitness Enhancement franchise is a better choice: