Get the Personal Training career you deserve with us!

We’re on the search for more amazing Personal Trainers for both our ‘team member’ and ‘business owner’ roles. Both offer security and growth opportunities within Fitness Enhancement, Australia’s largest Mobile Personal Training company!

Benefits and perks of being a Team Member Personal Trainer

  • We provide all the clients
  • No rent, overheads or expenses
  • Never have to work for free
  • We invest in your success
  • Flexibility and freedom
  • We handle bookings, admin and sales
  • The security that few PT roles provide
  • Amazing career advancement opportunities

Benefits and perks of being a Business Owner Personal Trainer

  • Unlimited earning and growth opportunities
  • 80% of potential clients we meet with, join…
  • and spend an average of $5,000. And over $30,000 for some
  • Exclusive territories so you don’t have to compete for clients
  • Big budget marketing of your business by head office
  • Amazing support to grow your business big
  • Take on staff and grow big, most of our owners have 2 to 5
  • Exclusive right to expand to a Studio in your territory
  • A comparable long-term cost to Gym rent