Meet our Trainer Kira-Lee!

Kira-Lee is a friendly and down-to-earth Trainer, passionate about fitness and expert-level customer service as she has years of experience in hospitality as well. She loves a good coffee, and will let you know if you have one that is not up to scratch!


  • Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness
  • Accredited Little Athletics coach

Kira-Lee grew up in Tasmania as a very active person, doing netball and athletics, she pursued athletics until age 19, when she was at the state level, looking to qualify for Nationals. She missed out by 0.05 seconds, which such a small margin, it was hard for her mentally to keep pushing on, and she decided to take a change in direction. In the last couple of years Kira-Lee moved to the sunny Gold Coast, where she is now one of our Personal Trainers here at Fitness enhancement, as well as working in hospitality in food and beverage service.

If you like a passionate, high energy Trainer, who will not leave any awkward silence, Kira-Lee will be a great fit for you.